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Willy Will

“My goodness look at that clock!  I’m running late.”  Mother called from the kitchen.  “Will one of you children please bring me my purse from the closet.  I need my cell phone and it’s in my purse, hanging on a hook in the closet by the front door.”

The children were all around the room very busy playing.  Playing is not easy.  Have you ever tried to get those tiny Leggos put together, or the dress off of a doll with a big head, or work a hundred piece jigsaw puzzle?  It’s hard work.

“I would Mommy,  but I’m busy trying to get this dolly out of her good dress so I can put on her new night gown.”   Isabella explained from her place on the floor next to the small trunk full of Doll clothes.

“I’m building a bridge over the train track for the cars to go over.”  Hayden looked up from his knees on the rug by the big round train track, to tell his Mom why he was too busy right now.

“I can’t leave yet because I have to find where the last six pieces in this puzzle fit in.”  Beverly sighed.  “It is very hard working on this little coffee table.  “Make Jake to give me some room on the big table.”

“I’d get the purse, but I’m reading my book right now and it’s so exciting.”  Kyren said from the sofa by the lamp. “ I have to find out what happens next.”

“I can as soon as I finish painting this model car blue.” Jake called from the table where the newspapers to protect the table from spilled paint were spread all over the place.

Willy had looked up at hearing his Mom’s request and was already back with the purse in his hands by the time the last excuse had been spoken.

Mom took it and thanked Willy for being so prompt, as he returned to the piano bench where he sat practicing his guitar.

“Oh dear!  I need the phone book from the desk in the living room.  Will someone bring it into the kitchen, please.  I have to take the cookies out of the oven before they burn.”

“Sure thing Mom.”  Isabella answered promptly. “In a second.”

“I see it Mommy. I’ll bring it in jiffy.”  Beverly called.  “I’m just looking for that piece of puzzle I dropped on the rug.”

“Is it the yellow one on the desk?”  Hayden called to be sure.  “It’s there!  “My Leggo bridge is nearly put together.  Then I’ll get it.”

“The white one or the yellow one?”  Jake asked  “You have two. I’ll bring both in a minute.”

Kyren was silent… too deep into her story book to have heard Mother’s request.

Willy put his guitar strap around his neck and the guitar over his back, to free his hands to bring both phone books.  Mom took the white one and set the yellow on the counter, just in case she needed it after all. Willy returned to the piano bench to practice on his guitar some more.

A few minutes later,  Mother looked out the kitchen window and saw the Mailman putting things in the mail box next to the curb.

“Please one of you .  Go out and bring in the Mail!”  She called out to no one in particular.

“Okay!  I’m just putting my doll down for her nap.”  Isabella replied in a loud whisper, so as not to wake up the doll whose eyes were already closed.

“I’m almost finished painting the red car now.  Then I will.”  Jake called back politely.

“Only three more pieces to put in and I am finished.”  Beverly explained as she scanned the jigsaw puzzle for the last holes, then the last three pieces for a fit.

“Just a few more pages and I will go get the mail.  Kyren replied without looking up from her exciting book.

“The bridge is only half made. I need four more Leggos.”  Hayden explained, frustrated,  as he sifted through the loose pieces for more green ones.

The heavy front door slammed shut with a loud bang, and they all jumped in surprise at the noise the door made,  because Willy was holding too much mail in both hands to stop it.  “Sorry he called out.  But we got a lot of mail today.  Where shall I put it Mommy?”

“Oh thank you Willy.  Bring it to the kitchen table and I will give you a glass of cold milk and some warm chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven.”

“I want some too!”  the children all called from the doll clothes strewn floor, the book dropped to the sofa, the extra cardboard pieces slid to the coffee table, and at the big table, Jake began to put the lids back on the little craft paint bottles, as they all began to put down whatever toys they had been too busy playing with to stop before.  Dolly lay face down on the floor near her blanket.  The puzzle had two more pieces loose on the coffee table. Hayden set the half built bridge and four green pieces, next to the train track.

“No darlings!”  Mother told them nicely.  “You all just keep right on doing whatever you were so busy doing before when Willy went to get my purse and then to bring in the phone books and all of that heavy mail. It is easy for me to see that only Willy will be able to make time for cookies and milk.  The rest if you just keep right on with those important things you have been so busy doing when I asked for help.  Now when I need the cookies tested, it is nice to know that Willy Will.”


P.S.Any child can learn to be a “Willy who Will”   It just takes a few very fast moves, which are so easy to learn.  But first they have to forget the excuses, which is just a bit harder to do.