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The June Moon

The Moon for June came out too soon, why I cannot say, but it arrived one day, on the last of May, and said I am here to stay, so just keep on playing, because I am staying, no matter what you say.

No you must wait, it’s not the right date, the Sun ordered him away… So, The man in the Moon asked for a spoon, because like a goon, the last star of May, wants him to play, a happy spoon tune, then stop very soon, on the dot of high noon, because lunch is on the way.  He’ll sit and stay to dine where he lay, without any pay, as he wanted to sleep, on the dune with the sheep, as they don’t make a peep, and never will weep, as the little ones leap, when they should be asleep, but still creep, up so high in the fresh air, with not even a care, with wool socks to wear, that will always be there, if they order another pair, but sure they must share, for even a bear, will not care, if they’re so rare, and try not to dare wear, an unmatched pair, when they must beware, as they shrink everywhere, if it’s a hot day and the date was late May, when the Moon begins to stray, it won’t feel brave this crazy way, so he’ll watch for the Sun, and began to run, when the light does come to see the new day,  Like a limp helium balloon the Moon will drop and lay, upon the soft hay, to rest from this last day.   Then the Sun takes a turn, and begins to not burn, as bright as high noon. It takes an hour to wait for a shower, then  drops from their sight, which was only right, because it’s the last of May, so the rooster stands by, watching the sky, to be ready to cry, the surprise of the day, when he tips back his head in that funny way, to call loud and clear, for all to hear, with his crow they will know, the Sun must go, yes open your eyes, and see the surprise, it is no longer May, it’s gone away, and the Moon would soon rise, for not a moment too soon,  you will greet the fresh Moon, the Sun low in the sky, will say goodbye friend May, I’m on my way, until another day, so it is right, to bid good night, to your old Sun, it has been good fun, but it’s time to run, as I now sight, that special one, your big, bright, shiny, full Moon, is arriving in time for your jolly good month of  June. 

Just having fun !  

Bev.  JUNE 2014