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Old Fashioned Nursery Rhymes, For Today’s Children


Dolls, Photographs, and New Rhymes by Beverly Mosier



[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Child's Play

Ten little -fingers tapping on the keys

Nine little lessons all learned with ease.

Eight thousand dots light up the screen.

Seven thousand children know what I mean.

Six thousand, five thousand, four thousand and four,

three thousand, two thousand, one thousand and more.

All know, what I Know, and you will know it soon.

The child brain, and the computer brain, are very much in tune



[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Daisies

Jennifer, Jennifer, how do you know, how to make the daisies grow?

But how they grow so big, so fast, the daisies will never tell.

Pat a seed deep in the ground, water it often and well.

But how they grow so big, so fast, the daisies will never tell.



[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Starcade

Michael has the magic that guides the searching ray.

Ashley has the pouier to zap the beam away.

The numbers flash by quickly, higher than ever before.

The winner will be Michael,or Ashley, the one with the higher score.



[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Planet Song

The sun is shining in the sky,

circled by planets passing by,

I can name them, want to see?

You can say them after me.


Mercury is closest to the sun.

Venus has the brightest glow.

Earth is my favorite one.

Mars is fourth in the row.

Jupiter has sixteen moons,

Saturn, rings of gold.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto,

are far, far, away and cold.


We named them going out from the sun. Now then,

lets name them going back in again.


Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus,

are far, far, away and cold.

Saturn shines, with many rings of gold.

Jupiter has sixteen moons.

Mars is forth in the row.

Earth is my favorite one.

Venus has the brightest glow.

Mercury is closest to the sun.

Now our planet song is done.



[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Mommy Buy Me an Elephant

Mary has a little lamb.

Linda has a puppy.

Jason has a tiny turtle.

Maggie has a guppy. Maggie’s guppy became a dozen.

She gave a bowel-full to her cousin.

All of the children want Mommy to buy them a wonderful pet.

Elephants, eagles, and tigers, are very exciting, and yet,

its better to give your love, to the kind of pet you get.



[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Salt Girl

Little salt girl with umbrella up, stands before me while I sup.

She looks at me with smiling eyes, as I sprinkle the crystals on my fries.

She seems to say, to my surprise! “Not too much, if you are wise.”



[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Birthday

My mommy gave me a glove, My daddy a bat and ball.

My Grandparents gave me a baseball suit, now I had it all.

Grandpa went outside with me, and hit my ball with the bat.

The ball went up and out and away and that was that.



[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Jackson

Sparkle, sparkle, super star

Always people where you are

Always sparkle, always smile

Singing, dancing all the while.

[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Superstar Marilyn


[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Seal Rock

Poppa Bob, oh Poppa Bob, do row us out in the boat.

To where the lazy seals sun, and the fishing seals swim and float.

Oh, Poppa Bob, Poppa Bob do take us to Seal Rock.

We need you to row us there in the boat, It’s much to deep to walk.

Oh Poppa Bob, oh, Poppa Bob, do take us out today.

Out to where the pelicans stand and stare, and the cormorants dive and play.

We love to go out in the boat with you, and ride upon the sea.

So we’ll carry the oars, and pack the lunch, and be good as we can be!



[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Low Tide

The tide went out, and Scott went out, with Libby close behind. To stroll across the tide pool rocks to see what they could -find.

Star-fish curled up at the water line, colored purple and orange, and green.

Barnacles, urchins, and eel grass growing, where at high tide they wouldn’ t be seen.

Scott leaned down and touched a sea hare. Just to see the purple ink flow,

Libby peeked over the edge and watched Giribaldi swimming below.

An orange brown rock crab and an olive green kelp crab decided to have a fight,

but settled it quickly and dove under a rock when a sea gull-flew into sight.

So the sea gull picked on a mussel instead, and continued on his way.

Libby and Scott went also on theirs, to return another day.



[Beverly Mosier] Dolls & Poems - Michael

When I think of all the places on earth that my grandparents might choose to be.

The nicest places are where mine are, they both live by the sea.

My Dad’s parents live in Massachusetts, on the Atlantic, in the east.

My mother’s live on the Pacific coast for five generations at least.

I get the best of the Pacific shore, on the weekends from September to July.

Then, when August comes, I pack my bags, and off to Boston I fly.

When I think of all the places on earth for grandparents, I’ll be specific .

I’d choose to have one set live on the Atlantic, and the other live on the Pacific.




Purple grapes,

green grapes,

and red grapes are dandy.

But, brown, wrinkled, and funny, they taste like natures candy.




Some folks look like me…               But not quite.

Many look quite differently…         That’s right!

I’m glad we’re not all the same…  That’s true.

I like the different faces…                Like you!

We need the different names…      So snappy.

A world of interesting places…     To be happy.

A world for all the races….            To find a friend.

A place for fun and games…          Until the end.




Sing a song o-f -flowers, growing on the green.

Like daisies In the wild, the happiest you’ve ever seen.

I love my garden roses, and the hollyhock so tall,

the beauty o-f the bluebells, and the sweet peas on the wall.

But nothing in the world, can really ever seem,

as sweet as the simple violet, that grows by the wooded stream.

Sing a song o-f -flowers, growing In the wild.

Living in tune with nature. Just like a happy child