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Little Peep and Dumb Cluck

In a cave beside the road there lived a fox family. Daddy fox went out hunting everyday to try to bring home enough food for his family of Mama fox and five little foxes. It was hard work. Sometimes they had enough to eat and sometimes they were very hungry.The baby foxes waited impatiently for Daddy fox to come home each night to see if there would be dinner to eat. If there was, everyone was contented and Daddy played with them after dinner and all were happy. If Daddy found no dinner, he came home late and was too tired to play and they were all hungry.

One sunny day Little Peep, the chicken, was walking along the road, when something hit him on the head. He looked at the ground. There was a tiny pebble. He picked it up and ran until he came to the big hen, Dumb Cluck.

“Look!” he cried out. “A pebble has fallen on my head. What can it mean?”

Dumb Cluck looked at the pebble. “Oh dear,” she clucked this looks like a piece of the mountain! We must go and warn the others that the mountain is falling. Jerky Turkey will know what to do.” They ran to Jerky Turkey.

“Little Peep has been hit on the head by a pebble! We think the mountain is falling. What shall we do?”

Jerky Turkey looked at the pebble and gobbled. ” We must run and tell Dull Duck.

They ran to Dull Duck and showed him the pebble. “The mountain is falling!” They all cried.

“Hurry!” said Dull Duck. “We must hide in the cave, before the mountain falls!”

And they all ran into the cave at once. Inside the cave sat the fox family. They were very surprised. This was the first time dinner had ever come running in to them. “What has happened!” said Father Fox.

“This pebble fell on Little Peeps head!” they peeped, clucked, gobbled and quacked. “We have come into the cave to hide because the mountain is falling!”

“Imagine that!” said Father Fox, The next day he went right out and put up a little sign, not too far from the door of the cave. Foxy Foxes everywhere copied him. Now they have plenty of time to play with the baby foxes and plenty to eat, for outside of every smart foxes cave you will see a sign that says;


Whenever the little peeps, jerky turkeys, dull ducks and dumb clucks read it they run right into the foxes cave.