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Fun Is Funny

Can you imagine that the Mermaids can and so do live under the water all the time and I called them sneaky because when they are up in the air which they can also do, they sneak around so we won’t see them at play having fun and dancing on the waves.  They like to watch us at play, but don’t want us to see them.

We would not even know about Mermaids if the few real people who have seen them, did not draw us a picture of what they look like.  They are so pretty that we want them to all come out and play with us.

We don’t even know for sure if they are real or fictitious.  If you are out on a boat or playing on the shore and you see a Mermaid, please tell her we want to be friendly, so we’d love to have her come up and play with us.

Who are all of those other fictitious characters who had so much fun?

The Trolls love to have fun playing tricks on Real People and even each other .   They are full of mischief and merriment that is not funny to you if they play a trick on you.  Who else but a Troll would dash out in front of you if you have a nice new ice cream cone,  piled high with your favorite flavors and without you even seeing him, trip you and cause you to drop the top of your ice cream to the sidewalk?  Nobody but a Troll.

Fairies are pretty little flying things that get their fun by doing good.   They like to leave little coins under your pillow when you lose a tooth, and help you blow out all of the candles on your Birthday Cake, so you may get your wish.  Sometimes they look so much like butterflies that you don’t even know you just saw a fairy.  It’s too bad you can’t see them up on the Rainbows having fun, because they are so very tiny.  But that helps them do good things without being seen.

Elves live in the Greens and Glens and come around the open spaces at night when the People are asleep, so they can dance and sing their merry tunes.  If you lost something that is Gold, it will probably end up in the Elves Pot of Gold stuff that they find laying around where People accidently dropped it.   They never take yours though that would not be right. Jack Frost is an Elf and he paints windows just for fun, whenever it is cold enough outside.

We People have many more other ways to have fun also  we have fun playing team games like Baseball Football and Basketball,  Well that only proves that balls are loads of fun in many ways.  I’ll bet if I name more you can think of one I forgot.  Let’s try it!

I say Golf Ball and you say…………..

I say Tennis Ball  and you say ………….

I say Ping Pong Ball and you say……………

See what I mean?

We even have fun just sitting and watching other people playing Ball.  Sometimes  we sit out on hard benches and watch a  Ball Game, while eating Ice cream or a Hot dog.

Other times we sit in a big soft chair and watch a Ball Game on Television, while eating  Popcorn, Ice cream or a Hot dog.  We are having fun getting as excited Christmas Morning when our team wins and as sad as when our Gold Fish dies when they lose.

How can feeling sad be fun?  It isn’t…  but you did have fun hoping they would win, didn’t you?

Another quiet way to have fun is to read a good book.  It is always fun to look at big, shiny, colorful, pictures.  Some artists had all of their fun just drawing and painting them. Which should remind you that you can have fun painting and coloring  too.

Just get some paper, almost anything that is allowed will do.  Once my children did such a beautiful job drawing with Crayons on Newspaper, of all things, that I framed it to hang, so everyone could see that the newsprint give the picture an antiqued look.  It works best on pages with lots of print but no large advertisements.  Use the small printed ones like the Want Ads.

I stress allowed because a wall is so handy and that is a no,no.  Many places that look to be fun are not allowed.  It is best to ask a grownup. They always know.

Remember those two words, NOT ALLOWED.  Because even if you are having fun coloring or drawing where it is not allowed, you may get in trouble and I must warn you that TROUBLE is no fun at all!

If you are person with a good imagination you may have fun with a book that has no pictures at all!  Just Printing!

That is because the words, when put together, make a picture and only people with good imaginations can see it.

Your dog cannot see it even if he has lots of fun chewing up your whole book, he will not see the words as pictures.  First you have to be able to read the words… Then you have to understand those words …Finally you will see the picture and all of the pictures the words a book full of print will show you.

Only then can you know if it is a happy book or a funny book or a school book with lots of interesting facts in it.  I love to have fun reading a story.  I also have fun writing a story.  You really must try it.  Only a person can do it.

Bears are often in stories but they cannot read or write one.  Even if they talk in the story they cannot read it.  Just imagine all of the books they could write if they knew how.   I’ll bet Elephants and Tigers and Lions would have exciting stories to tell but they don’t even talk.  Nobody reads a Giraffe a bedtime story, but they are in lots of picture books for those lucky little people called  children.

If you are a lucky child who grows up listening to books being read to you, you will be more likely to read them when you are older and then one day even sit down and write a story for other children.

Writing a story is very easy if you just have a paper and a pencil.  Even a computer will help you write something.  Very often you will be the most surprised by what you wrote.

Look at your paper and put down one word.  Any  word.

Now look at that word and make it into a sentence.  On this paper I wrote the word FUN.

That was only three letters and so easy.  To me that word turned into a sentence that said, FUN IS FUNNY.  That became the title of the story.

So as I looked at those words they made me think about what could be as fun and funny as sliding down a Rainbow. And one word at a time they became this story.  Your story will go where your mind takes you with the one word you write first.

I can only tell you that I was having fun when I wrote this for you.  What will you write for me?

I hope you send it to me when you are through. I will probably send this one to you and hope you will have some funny fun reading it,  Or even listening to it being read to you.

Sometime it is fun to close your eyes and go to sleep listening to a story being read to you and when you can no longer hear the words, because you are sound asleep, you may dream the happy ending.

Happy dreams from Gramma Bev

FUN IS FUNNY continued

Sliding down on the Rainbow is fun.  Any Fairy, Elf, Troll or fictitious character will tell you that.  But you and I cannot do it because we are people and thus we are too heavy.  All of the others are as light as the Rainbow and can slide ride and climb it without bending or breaking it.

If you or I tried any of those the Rainbow would go poof! and disappear as quick as a sneeze.

However we may be big and heavy but we a very clever, so we people can and do build our own nice strong Rainbows to slide down on.  They are called Ferris Wheels and Roller Coasters.  Often we put bright colorful lights on them so they will be almost as pretty as Rainbows.

I say almost because to tell the truth very few things are prettier than a fully arched Rainbow on a soft rainy sky.  If there is a lot of mist they are sometimes repeated in reverse and look like two or even three Rainbows together.   I have never heard of or seen four, if they exist.  But I keep looking.

I can imagine that sliding on a real Rainbow is smooth as milk and quiet as midnight.  And I know for a fact that the ones we make are as noisy as a Birthday Party and as bumpy as riding a tricycle with a bent wheel  But that is the only way we can make sure they can safely let us try to have as much fun as those story book folks do at play.

I  always thought we had the most fun in the Ocean jumping from the waves and running on the sand to keep them from knocking us down.

Then I learned about those sneaky little Mermaids who have all the fun they want to and never have to worry about drowning.  We must always be careful when having fun in the water, even the bath tub can drown us if we let the water keep us from breathing the safe air.