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There was a time not long ago when I knew so many facts

Then my brain put them all away and told me to just relax

The things are there in storage and I don’t need them every day

So why should I be worried that they really will not stay.

If I ask myself a question the answer is so slow 

I must begin to wonder, where did that answer go?

Why do I need to wait so long for thoughts to sort themselves all out?

The answers once would come so quick and now I must wait about

Did I ever know that once? I ask myself to think. 

 Maybe I never did learn that or I’d tell me in a wink 

Perhaps we need a course in school for those who forgot so much 

To learn again the grades from K to 12 just to keep in touch,

If not I must open my old books and read them like I should

If only to prove that my head is working and not closed down for good

I’d shake out the storage I know I have and waken the cells that sleep

Just to answer the questions I choose to ask and never need to weep   over waiting so long to know what I know I know without wondering   when… those easy answers will flow as fast as I ask them over and over again.   

  Beverly Mosier 2:00 A.M. 3-20-2014