Beverly Mosier Takes A Time Out Sep06


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Beverly Mosier Takes A Time Out

I woke up this morning knowing I must stop writing all of this nonsense… at least for awhile.  Other things were waiting for me to give them my time.  All around me I saw duties that were neglected because I was having far too much fun just writing all of this unimportant non-sense.  I see my garden, which calls me through the very window I sit in front of to write.  Also there’s my kitchen, which needs… almost everything.  And everywhere I look I see a neglected household.

I didn’t count my husband because I was always ready to close the computer to do something with him… if he wasn’t hiding behind his own computer, that is.

I took out My Story List and was surprised to find that I had written more than 90 stories by this year.   I had not even included the ten or so longer novel type books from a couple of years back. I should add them to the story list someday.  They are just not on this computer.

Some of the short story titles leaped out at me and I smile inside remembering them.   My own biography of the Second World War, “The Home Front”, starting with my parents meeting, and ending when I met Bob, my wonderful life time husband and partner for 68 years… so far.   Other titles gave me pause… did I write that?  I wonder?  What is that one about?  If I had time I would re-read a little to find out…  maybe one day soon.

I very often used the family names.  The children seemed to like reading their name–sakes and the impossible situations in which I usually took them.  They had fun  with the frequent Fairies, Trolls, Elves and other mysterious things… at least I hope they did.

I enjoyed remembering the births of, “Our Perfect Children.”  and soon followed it with all I knew about the births of our 14 Grandchildren, that I call “The G’s and the G.G’s” which added that troop of Great-grandchildren . .. 16,  so far.  I do hate to stop writing and leave some out, but it is a fact that more Double G’s will arrive after I am gone.

After that,  I looked at the odd story titles and remembered the fun I had inventing People and Places, Magic and Reality, Science Fiction, Non-Fiction and stuff that was simply… off the wall!

I especially recall that after I wrote “Alex and Josh Get an Idea”  the two little boys decided it was a good idea and actually built the funny cardboard box Robot I had written them building.   They finagled their Grandparents to help.  I added a picture they sent to me of them beside the Robot, looking just as I envisioned it… built entirely by the will of preschool toddlers, plus talented, helpful, Grandparents…  the boys look very proud..

I was proud,!  But at the same time I had to consider how seriously the little ones might take what I write and give each story much more careful thought.

The ones that stand out in my memory are, “The Bubble,”  just because it was fun to invent and “The Chair on the Hill,”  because I made it my own adventure.  I usually take someone else on a trip to fantasyland, while I just write as a bystander.

“The Good Day for a Walk”,  is recalled because I let a grandson, Clifford, crash in an airplane and thus I put him in peril.  So I had to mentally walk with him to write the kid back to safety.  I especially enjoyed taking “The 3 Girls on a World Tour,” because I had to google the places I had never visited to write the girls all the way around the world.

After that, I kept getting “pop-ups” from travel agencies who thought they knew, through their own sneaky magic, that I was interested in going to those far off places and wanted to book me there for everything from planes and trains to tours, restaurants and hotels.

“The Andalusian Wishing Well”  was a realistic dream I woke up from still remembering it all completely from the first word to the last.  I just wrote it exactly as I dreamed it, which was a strange experience.  I usually wake up from a dream with a feeling of whatever it made me feel in my sleep…  but no memory.    I even took the time to google Andalusia, only to find it was a real place in Spain.  Since the dream was somewhere that did not make me think of Spain, wherever it was,  I tried to spell my Andalusia a bit different.  But the dream was so definitely about “The Andalusian Wishing Well”, that I had to keep it.

One of my favorite kid stories was “The Dark and Stormy Night.”  That was why I added to it twice, with “A Bright Lit Moon” and “A Full Moon”.

I also had a lot of fun letting some people take a turn with “The Red Stone Ring.”    “What On Earth Happened on the Day You Were Born,” was a lot of research work, but very enlightening. I liked, “A Fair Trade,” and especially,  “A.S.A.P.”,  I just know that I did, but I can’t remember why.

“Pam and Elaine  Do Thelma and Louise” was interesting because even as I wrote what might have happened, it was actually happening  to those two women and I just wish they would write the real story to go with my invention of what happened.  I am certain that reality is more amazing.

I tried to get my brother-in-law, Jack, to write that Mystery he said he was going to do, by starting one for him and sending it to him to be finished.   That did not work, so I wrote two different endings and called the challenge over.  It’s on my list named, “Jack Writes a Mystery,” even though he has not yet done so.  I am still waiting Jack!

Looking at the titles I feel that “A Day To Remember,” “The Other” and “Betsy and the Bees” were kind of good.  I should not have written “H.H.&H.”  What I think about Heaven, Hell and Humans and why I think that way is my business and I am reluctant to let anyone else read it.  So if I don’t want it to be read, why even write it?  Too late!  I was mulling the youthful days and just felt like getting it straight in my own mind… so I did.

Now I must close down and stop, so “Good bye!” computer, it has been lots of fun .

And hello all of the rest of that stuff… whatever you are.